50+ Corona Related Vocabs You Need To Know

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This article contains all the necessary facts you wish to grasp and understand concerning the new coronavirus i.e. COVID-19 that surfaced recently. The diagnosing of this virus infection is created through the analysis of symptoms, being established by the WHO... Read more

Common Terms Related To Health Psychology

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Health psychology is a growth discipline at both undergraduate and postgraduate level; it is also an exciting, challenging and rewarding subject to study, with career opportunities developing within healthcare as well as within academic settings. Also Read: Psychology Related Important... Read more

Some Common Terms Related To Plant Diseases

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Plants are primary producers of food for humans as well as animals beneficial for human welfare. Apart from their role as suppliers of food, plants immensely contribute to availability of fibers for clothing, timber for house building and furniture, sources... Read more

Abbreviations Related to Health and Psychology

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During the nineteenth century, modern medicine was established. ‘Man’ (the nineteenth-century term) was studied using dissection, physical investigations and medical examinations. Throughout the twentieth century there were challenges to some of the underlying assumptions of biomedicine which emphasized an increasing... Read more

Known Facts Related to Virus and Health

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Wherever we go, we can’t escape the news about the novel coronavirus. With every day that passes, we get more and more anxious about the virus reaching our community and becoming a threat to the ones we love. However, the... Read more

Abbreviations Commonly Found in Medical Notes

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When a patient is first admitted to hospital, a standard series of questions, investigations, and results relating to their physical examination is recorded in the medical notes. This is known as ‘medical clerking’ and is essentially the story (history) of... Read more

Health, Food and Diseases Related MCQ – Part 2

Here, we are providing you with some multiple-choice questions with answers related to Health, Food and Diseases as also discussed in Part 1. 126. Floods hazard health through the spread of Cholera Malaria Influenza Diarrhoea 127. Epilepsy is a disease... Read more

Health, Food and Diseases Related MCQ – Part 1

Having correct health related questions will always allow you to collect useful data about the health and well-being of your respondents and to adequately meet your research objectives. This is the time when many families get together for the holidays,... Read more

80 Important Medical And Health Related Terms You Need to Know

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In medical field, abbreviations are often used in patient progress notes, prescriptions, pharmacy notes, discussions, etc. They are often used by practitioners to save time and can be helpful if you know what they stand for. Occasionally you will see... Read more