7 Most Common Skin Diseases in Africa

Common Skin Diseases Africa Healthhyme
The importance of skin diseases is often overlooked. They are usually not life threatening and tend to be “shrugged away”. Skin diseases are, however, a significant problem all over the world. Nowadays many skin diseases are related to or influenced... Read more

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) – A Brief Guide

Coronary Heart Disease CHD Brief Guide Healthhyme
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), also called coronary artery disease, is the most common heart condition in the United States. It occurs as a result of atherosclerosis — when the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart harden and narrow... Read more

[Pregnancy] The Loss of Your Baby – A Brief Guide

Loss of Baby Pregnancy Healthhyme
Some women may have to cope with miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, termination, stillbirth or neonatal death (death shortly after birth). This article explains why some of these things may happen. If your pregnancy goes wrong, you will need both information and... Read more

Different Types of Headache You Need To Know

Headache Categories Types Healthhyme
A Headache is defined as a pain in the head or upper neck. It is one of the most common locations of pain in the body and has many causes. There are three major categories of headaches: Primary headaches, Secondary... Read more