Tips and Techniques – GoalPost Stretch for Shoulder Flexibility and Posture

Goalpost Yoga Healthhyme
The goalpost pose is a versatile variation that offers a great alternative for stretching the chest and engaging the back muscles. It is especially beneficial for individuals who may have difficulty extending their arms overhead while keeping their back flat.... Read more

How to Do Cat-Cow Pose in Yoga

Cat-Cow Pose Healthhyme
The Cat-Cow pose is a gentle and flowing movement that targets the spine, upper back, and shoulders. It offers practical benefits such as relieving back pain, improving spine mobility, and preparing the spine for physical activity. This pose is commonly... Read more

Strengthen Your Upper and Lower Body With Bow Pose Yoga

Bow Pose Yoga Healthhyme
The Bow pose is a yoga asana that targets multiple muscle groups, including the upper back, lower back, shoulders, hip flexors, quads, core, and chest. It offers practical benefits such as increasing the strength of the thighs, upper back, shoulders,... Read more