How To Control Bladder Weakness and Kidney Stone Related Problems

Healthhyme Bladder Weakness Kidney Stones Problems
The kidneys and bladder are part of the urinary system, which transports harmful waste products out of the body. For correct functioning, a good fluid intake is essential, so drink plenty of liquids (such as water, juice etc) to avoid... Read more

Back pain: Best Home Remedies You can Try at Home

Healthhyme Back Pain Home Remedies
Most people are affected by back pain at some point in their lives. Spending long periods slumped in front of a television or peering at a computer puts our musculoskeletal systems at greater risk. While good posture is no longer... Read more

Acid Reflux – Risk Factors, Causes and Prevention Tips

Acid Reflux Healthhyme
The searing pain of heartburn can be brought on by eating fatty, spicy or acidic foods, or just by eating too much too quickly. Luckily, it is easy to avoid. What is Acid Reflux? A trapdoor of muscular tissue called... Read more

28 Traditional Herbal Remedies You Need To Know

herbal remedies healthhyme
Traditional systems of medicines, including herbal medicines, have been used for many centuries for health care by people in countries of the South-East Asia Region as well as in other parts of the world. Traditional medicine continues to be a... Read more

List of Important Questions Related to Medical Genetics and Genomics

medical genetics and genomics questions healthhyme
The laws of inheritance are investigated by genetics. The different nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) in the living organism play a central role in the inheritance of the different features. The information in the DNA molecule is inherited from one... Read more

50+ Corona Related Vocabs You Need To Know

corona virus terms vocabs healthhyme
This article contains all the necessary facts you wish to grasp and understand concerning the new coronavirus i.e. COVID-19 that surfaced recently. The diagnosing of this virus infection is created through the analysis of symptoms, being established by the WHO... Read more

Problems Associated With Pregnancy and Its Influencing Factors

pregnancy problems healthhyme
The saga of human life begins with conception. The process of development completes after a period of 9 months of development & single fertilized cell divides into 800 billion cells. Birth of a newborn is always a mixture of pleasure... Read more

Contraindications for Massage Therapy

Contraindications for Massage Therapy Healthhyme
Contraindications are certain conditions that a person may have that could be aggravated by the application of Massage Therapy. Although certain conditions may be absolute contraindications, there may be cases where massage can be applied, provided a doctor’s approval has... Read more