Walking Benefits Healthhyme

Top 10 Walking Benefits You Need To Know

Have you ever heard the saying by Hippocrates, “Walking is a man’s best medicine?” Walking combined with good sleep and a healthy diet can help you avoid the doctor altogether. As little as…

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Turbo Dog Push-Up Healthhyme

Turbo Dog Push-Up: Strengthen Your Upper Body and Core

The Turbo Dog Push-Up is an effective exercise that targets the full body, with a focus on the upper back, shoulders, chest, core, and quads. This exercise provides practical benefits by working the…

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Butterly Pose Yoga Healthhyme

Butterfly Pose (Bound Angle/Cobbler Pose) Yoga Posture – Technique and Tips

Butterfly Pose, also known as Bound Angle or Cobbler Pose, is an excellent yoga posture that targets the hip flexors and core muscles. This pose helps improve hip flexibility, allowing for more mobile…

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Happy Baby Pose Yoga Healthhyme

Happy Baby Pose Yoga – Technique and Health Benefits

The Happy Baby pose is a rejuvenating yoga posture that targets the hip flexors and lower back. By practicing this pose, you can experience relief in the hip flexor muscles, allowing you to…

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Pregnancy Discomforts Healthhyme

Common Pregnancy Discomforts, Health Concerns & Precautions

The body goes through a tremendous amount of change during a woman’s pregnancy and as a result there are a few health conditions that may arise and some precautions that are important to…

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tooth pain healthhyme

Taking Care of Oral Health and Wellness

Have you been experiencing tooth pain? Has it been a while since you have seen a dental professional? Well, these are indications that you should probably be taking better care of your oral…

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Mountain Yoga Pose Healthhyme

Mountain Yoga Pose for Men: Foundation for Strength and Posture

The Mountain Pose, also known as Tadasana, is a fundamental standing pose in yoga that serves as the foundation for many other postures. It provides an opportunity for men to cultivate proper posture,…

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Depression Book Healthhyme

100 Questions and Answers About Depression – 2nd Edition Book – Free PDF Download

The “100 Questions and Answers About Depression” book is a comprehensive resource that aims to provide valuable insights and practical information about depression, its causes, symptoms, treatments, and coping strategies. The second edition…

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Antidepressants Depression Dosage Healthhyme

All Antidepressants With Their Dosing Ranges and Formulations

Antidepressants are medications prescribed to treat depression and certain other mental health conditions. They work by altering the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, to help improve…

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Depression Healthhyme

100+ Terms Related to Anxiety and Depression

Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a lack of interest or pleasure in activities. It is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide,…

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