Common Pregnancy Discomforts, Health Concerns & Precautions

Pregnancy Discomforts Healthhyme
The body goes through a tremendous amount of change during a woman’s pregnancy and as a result there are a few health conditions that may arise and some precautions that are important to keep in mind. Warning Signs There are... Read more

Symptoms and Risks of Sleep Apnea During Pregnancy

Sleep Apnea Pregnancy Healthhyme
One of the emerging issues in pregnant women is a serious sleep disorder in which the women are unaware that they stop breathing while sleeping, putting them and their baby at risk. This condition is known as “Sleep Apnea.” Obesity,... Read more

Benefits of Exercising in Water During Pregnancy

Benefits of Exercising in Water During Pregnancy Healthhyme
Pregnancy is a time of significant physical changes and challenges for women. Many women find it challenging to maintain an exercise routine due to the physical discomforts that come with carrying a baby. Exercising in water during pregnancy offers several... Read more

7 Ideal Exercises During Pregnancy You Need To Know

Exercise During Pregnancy Healthhyme
Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body undergoes significant changes, and regular exercise can help maintain overall health and wellbeing. However, not all exercises are appropriate during pregnancy, and it’s important to choose exercises that are safe and effective.... Read more

Dos and Don’ts of Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy Exercise Do and Dont Healthhyme
Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body undergoes significant changes, and exercising during pregnancy can help maintain overall health and wellbeing. However, it’s essential to be aware of the dos and don’ts of pregnancy exercise to ensure the safety... Read more

9 Important Nutrients To Consume During Pregnancy

Eating good and healthy food is one of the best things you can do during pregnancy. Good nutrition helps you handle the extra demands on your body as your pregnancy progresses. The goal is to balance getting enough nutrients to... Read more

7 Pregnancy Maternal Effects You Need To Know

Fetal development depends on a proper supply of nutrients, including micronutrients in the mother’s bloodstream. Maternal nutrition has a direct impact on their child’s health during adulthood, which may be a major factor in the global epidemics of obesity and... Read more

Anaemia in Pregnancy – Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy Complication Healthhyme
Anaemia has long been recognized as a major public health problem especially in developing countries like India. During pregnancy, level of haemoglobin below 11 gms/dl, is labelled as anaemia.(Before women were pregnant, they needed about 15 mg of Iron per... Read more

66 Important Terms and Definitions Related to Pregnancy

Pregnancy Terms Definitions Healthhyme
Pregnancy usually lasts about 40-41 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period to your due date. During pregnancy and childbirth, you may see and hear lots of different medical terms. Health professionals are notorious for abbreviating diseases,... Read more

Important Questions and Answers Related to Pregnancy and Food

pregnancy food healthhyme questions answers
There is a lot of advice available on Internet for pregnant women to support them to eat well in pregnancy. The body adapts in pregnancy to ensure that calcium from food and drink is well absorbed, but it is important... Read more