7 Most Health Benefits of Raw Food

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We live in highly indoctrinated and ignorant society, where truth, logic, and common sense are often suppressed by vast political and economic interests. Mother Nature doesn’t provide the answers in the silver platter. People have the capacity to see the truth, but they need to make the effort to find it.

1. Look Younger

Eating the correct raw food diet will do for your looks what plastic surgery or medicine can never do. You will look a lot younger naturally; the skin on your face will soften and it will feel and look much fresher.

The life force inherent in raw fruit and vegetables is unsurpassed by any other food. A raw food diet will help to remove the dark circles under the eyes as well as age spots. You will acquire a clear complexion and perfect skin.

The water, vitamins and minerals contained in raw fruits and vegetables hydrate the skin and will help to reduce any wrinkles. The best moisturizer is in your blood; you nourish your beauty from the inside with a raw food diet.

As a result of eating a low fat raw food diet you will lose all the fat residue from your face. We cannot emphasize strongly enough how attractive the tightness in your face will make you look.

As well as your looks the power of naturally high water content raw fruits and vegetables, will have a hugely beneficial effect on your overall health. When you adopt this lifestyle and start to see and feel yourself looking younger, leaner and more attractive, there will be no going back.

2. Achieve Your Perfect Weight

A great pleasure of eating the correct raw food diet is that you will sensibly lose mass until you reach your ideal weight. Your ideal weight will be from the time in your life when you looked your best, which for most people is their late teens and early twenties. Very importantly, the weight you lose will be in the form of fat and not muscle.
Conversely a slender person who wishes to gain weight, can do so while eating a raw food diet.

We can only describe the impact of eating raw foods on your energy levels as profound. You will get a buzzing energy that feels out of this world. This energy manifests itself as a powerful inner feeling of excitement and happiness. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep, you will feel full of energy.

This feeling will be constant! Unlike eating cooked foods that take hours to digest, the digestion of raw fruits and vegetables takes very little time and energy. The energy saved not only gives you a feeling of wellbeing, but also helps your body to cleanse and get rid of toxins.

As a consequence of having more energy, physical activity becomes almost effortless. You will find yourself going to the gym or doing sports because you want to and not because you have to, or need to!

3. Facilitate Healing, Prevent Diseases

Cooking not only damages every category of nutrient, it is also toxic. When you stop eating cooked foods, you stop abusing your body with toxic residue at every meal. Eating the correct raw nutrition will help prevent disease and overcome any illnesses you may already have.

By eating raw foods and adopting other healthy lifestyle practices, such as adequate sleep, daily exposure to sunlight, exercise and so on, you will reduce enormously the chances of getting sick, and you will also remove the fear of getting sick.

raw food healthhyme

It must be remembered that symptoms are not the disease. Rather, symptoms are actually the body’s methods of coping with blood poisoning (toxaemia). In order to “cure” a disease condition, such as diabetes, heart disease, even cancer, one must eliminate the underlying toxaemia of which the disease is only a manifestation.

You don’t get healthy by taking drugs to suppress symptoms, which is what drugs do. Drugs do not cure. You get healthy by living healthily, where eating the correct raw food diet plays a major part. There are no shortcuts.

A great many medical conditions such as arthritis, obesity, Alzheimer’s, migraine, Crohn’s disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, dementia, even vision and hearing problems are, in the main, symptoms of consuming the wrong diet.

  • Cancer

Although all cancers begin with genes, this is not the reason for whether or not the disease actually appears. Most estimates suggest that less than 3 percent of cancers are due entirely to genes; almost all the rest are due to diet and lifestyle factors.

Consider cancer genes as seeds that grow into tumour masses only if they are fed. We plant seeds and they grow when fed water, sunlight and nutrients. So it is with cancer.

Extensive research has shown that switching from an animal protein based diet to a plant based protein diet, is highly likely to halt and even reverse the disease process of cancer.

  • Heart Disease and Stroke

All manner of nutritional and health problems occur when fats are heated. Heated fats interfere with cell respiration and lead to a higher probability of developing cancers and heart disease.

Heated foods are nutritionally inferior, which is one of the reasons people commonly overeat cooked food. Their stomachs feel full, but their cells crave nutrients and remain nutritionally starved.

Eating a high fat diet is responsible for many of the risk factors of heart disease, whereas a diet of low fat raw fruits and vegetables is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Eating a healthy raw food diet also means that salt is at a minimum and as we know, high salt diets increase blood pressure and risk of heart attack and stroke.


Having a strong immune system and resistance to infection can be markedly influenced by the nutrients available to the body, as the health of our cells and tissues depends upon the quality of the nutrients which are available to them. When the nutrients we consume are altered or destroyed through cooking, processing, refining, etc. the health
of the body’s cells and tissues declines as a result.

Studies have shown that after a person eats cooked food, their blood responds immediately by increasing the production of white blood cells; as if the body was reacting to something harmful, such as toxic chemicals, infection or mental trauma.

Increased white blood cell count has been linked with the eventual development of AIDS, and does not occur when we eat raw fruit and vegetables.

4. Heightened Senses and Improved Memory

Within a few months of eating a raw food diet your vision will become clearer.

What’s more, on a raw food diet you will find your memory improves and there will be a marked increase in your mental sharpness and focus. You may also experience an increase in your creativity, and ideas that you put aside in the past will now seem more clearly defined. You will find yourself completing your projects more efficiently and with a clearer mind.

You will experience increased flexibility and range of motion in the joints and spine, which help to configure a healthy body and mind. Your sex life will also improve dramatically on a raw food diet.

You will feel more awareness as well as being more in touch with your instincts. As a consequence of being more instinctive, your decision making processes will become more successful.

Quicker reaction times are another beneficial outcome from eating the correct raw food diet.

5. Overcome Depression

This has to be one of the most amazing consequences of my own transition to a raw food diet.

When discussing this subject it is most important to differentiate between depression caused by poor lifestyle choice, and the mental distress caused by trauma when therapy would undoubtedly be necessary. Most depression is the direct result of lifestyle choice, where poor eating habits are the primary cause.

6. Stop Cravings and Addition to Junk Food/Alcohol

One of the greatest benefits of eating a raw food diet is that by giving your body the correct raw nutrition, it becomes your ally when dealing with addictions and junk food cravings.

So, if you want to stop craving unhealthy foods, if you want to control the amount of alcohol you drink, or stop drinking alcohol altogether, if you want to quit smoking or deal with the consumption of any drug, you will be in a much stronger position to succeed when on a natural and fresh raw food diet. This is because your body will be capable of rejecting the toxins more vigorously than it can when fed a less natural, cooked and processed diet.

By eating the correct raw foods you will supply your body with all of its dietary requirements, because raw fruits and vegetables are nutritionally dense. There are no nutrient or vitamin deficiencies when you eat the correct raw foods; you will not crave unhealthy foods, nor binge eat or develop any other eating disorder.

7. Improve Your Social Life

As you increase the amount of raw foods in your diet, you will progressively become more outgoing, more secure in yourself and more considerate towards others. In themselves these are changes that will greatly improve your social life and the quality of your relationships. Essentially as you improve your relationship with food, you will also
improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Do you sometimes feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders? Do you look tired and run down? You will rejuvenate yourself and let go of your emotional baggage entirely while on a raw food diet. Letting go of the disappointments in your life is the most wonderful sensation; although you will still remember them, the negative aspects will no longer affect you.

You will become calmer and more centred, and you will now be in charge of your own emotions. Eating a well combined and simple raw food diet will help to create optimum levels of motivation, and will guide and strengthen your spiritual development by freeing up your energy. You will feel that, at last, you can achieve your full potential.

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