9 Easy Homemade Remedies for Dandruff

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In the case of excessive scale formation on the scalp, dandruff refers to the flaking scalp that falls like a snowflake and settles on one’s brows, shoulders, and clothing. However, dandruff also refers to an unpleasant, irritating condition that is caused by bacteria. The horny layer of the skin is what gives rise to these scales.


When the hair is brushed or rubbed, the scaliness gets worse. On the scalp, it might also manifest as lumps or crusts. Additionally, there is frequent irritation, and scratching can cause the scalp to turn red.


The main reasons for dandruff include poor general health, a toxic state of the body brought on mostly by improper nutrition, constipation, and decreased vitality as a result of infectious infections. Emotional stress, strong washes, exposure to cold, and overall fatigue are additional causes of dandruff.


There are a lot of medicated shampoos on the market to cure dandruff. However, the majority of treatments harm the hair irreparably while treating the disease due to the synthetic substances they contain, roots. The management of dandruff be constitutional if a long-term recovery is sought. The primary focus of treatment for this condition is maintaining clean hair and scalp to reduce the buildup of dead cells. 

To increase circulation and get rid of any flakiness, brush your hair every day. By bending forward from the waist and lowering the head to the floor, you can brush your hair most effectively by working your way up from the nape of the neck. 

Hair that is short or shoulder-length can be brushed in one motion from the roots to the ends. To avoid straining long hair, it would be advisable to use two strokes. Every day, the scalp should also be properly massaged by carefully working one’s fingertips over the head. Just before or right after brushing your hair, you should do this. This stimulates circulation, removes debris and dandruff, and promotes hair development, just like brushing. 

Spread your fingers out fan-style and run them through the hair for a full massage. Put your fingertips on your scalp and place your thumb behind your ears. Now, spin your fingers to slide the scalp over the cranial bony framework. Your skin will wiggle, and your scalp will tingle. Once you have coated the entire head, move up one inch at a time. It is a quick and easy process that only needs a few minutes to complete.

Numerous homemade therapies have been successful in treating dandruff. 

1. One such treatment is the usage of fenugreek (methi) seeds. Fenugreek seeds should be steeped in water for two tablespoons for the entire night. The morning should be used to grind the softer seeds into a fine pulp. The scalp should be covered in this paste, and it should be left on for 30 minutes. The hair should next be properly cleaned with either shikakai or soap nut (ritha) solution.

2. It is also useful to use a teaspoon of fresh lime juice as the final rinse when washing your hair. In addition to leaving the hair shiny, this also gets rid of stickiness and stops dandruff.

3. Another helpful remedy is to wash your hair twice a week with green gramme powder and curd. The best way to get rid of dandruff is to massage your hair for 30 minutes with curd that has been left out in the sun for three days, or use a few drops of lime juice diluted with amla juice every night before bed.

4. Cider vinegar can also be used to treat dandruff by being diluted with water in an equal ratio and applied to the hair with cotton wool between shampooings. Dandruff can be removed by shampooing, then adding cider vinegar to the last rinse water.

5. Dietary changes are crucial in the management of dandruff. The patient should initially follow a five-day all-fruit diet as a starting point. Three meals a day, made up of fresh, juicy fruits like apples, pears, grapes, grapefruit, pineapple, and peaches, should be included in this routine.

6. Avoid taking citrus fruits, bananas, dried, strewed, or canned fruits. You should only drink simple water or unsweetened lemonade, hot or cold. A warm water enema should be used every day to clean the intestines during this time, and other constipation-relieving procedures should also be performed. The patient can progressively transition to a well-balanced diet after the all-fruit diet.

7. Raw foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted seeds, raw nuts, and whole grain cereals, especially millet and brown rice, should be prioritised. Until the state of the skin improves, additional brief stints on the all-fruits diet for three days or so may be necessary once a month. Dietary discipline is crucial for recovery.

8. Foods that are high in protein, fat, and starch should be avoided. Avoid refined and processed foods, as well as meats, sugar, strong tea or coffee, sauces, pickles, soft drinks, candy, ice cream, and items made with sugar and white flour.

9. Another effective method for treating dandruff is to expose the head to the sun’s rays. In addition, an effort should be made to maintain the body’s health. Additionally, it removes dandruff.

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