Abbreviations Related to Health and Psychology

Abbreviations Related to Health and Psychology Healthhyme

During the nineteenth century, modern medicine was established. ‘Man’ (the nineteenth-century term) was studied using dissection, physical investigations and medical examinations. Throughout the twentieth century there were challenges to some of the underlying assumptions of biomedicine which emphasized an increasing role for psychology in health and a changing model of the relationship between the mind and body.

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Health psychology is probably the most recent development in this process of including psychology in an understanding of health. Health psychology challenges the mind–body split by suggesting a role for the mind in both the cause and treatment of illness, but differs from psychosomatic medicine and behavioural medicine in that research within health psychology is more specific to the discipline of psychology.

1 ADL Activity of daily living
2 AIDS Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
3 APT Adaptive pacing therapy; adjuvant psychological therapy
4 AVE Abstinence violation effect
5 BDI Beck depression inventory
6 BMI Body mass index
7 BSE Breast self-examination
8 CAD Coronary artery disease
9 CBSM Cognitive behavioural stress management
10 CBT Cognitive behavioural therapy
11 CHD Coronary heart disease
12 CIN Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
13 CMV Cytomegalovirus
14 COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
15 CR Conditioned response
16 CS Conditioned stimulus
17 D&C Dilatation and curettage
18 DAFNE Dose adjustment for normal eating
19 DEBQ Dutch Eating Behaviour Questionnaire
20 ERPC Evacuation of the retained products of conception
21 FAP Familial adenomatous polyposis
22 FH Familial hypercholesterolaemia
23 GAS General adaptation syndrome
24 GCT Gate control theory
25 GHQ General Health Questionnaire
26 GSR Galvanic skin response
27 HAART Highly active anti-retroviral therapy
28 HADS Hospital anxiety and depression scale
29 HAPA Health action process approach
30 HBM Health belief model
31 HPA Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocorticol
32 HRT Hormone replacement therapy
33 IPA Interpretative phenomenological analysis
34 IPQ Illness perception questionnaire
35 LISRES Life stressors and social resources inventory
36 MAT Medication adherence training
37 MHLC Multidimensional health locus of control
38 MI Motivational interviewing, myocardial infarction
39 MPQ McGill Pain Questionnaire
40 MACS Multi Centre AIDS Cohort Study
41 NHP Nottingham Health Profile
42 NHS National Health Service
43 NKCC Natural killer cell cytotoxicity
44 OCD Obsessive compulsive disorder
45 PDA Personal digital assistant
46 PFSQ Parental feeding style questionnaire
47 PMT Protection motivation theory
48 PNI Psychoneuroimmunology
49 PSE Present state examination
50 PSS Perceived stress scale
51 PTSD Post-traumatic stress disorder
52 SEIQoL Schedule for the individual quality of life
53 SES Socioeconomic status
54 SEU Subjective expected utility
55 SIP Sickness Impact Profile
56 SLQ Silver Lining Questionnaire
57 SOS Swedish Obese Subjects study
58 SRE Schedule of Recent Experiences
59 SRRS Social readjustment rating scale
60 STD Sexually transmitted disease
61 TOP Termination of pregnancy
62 TPB Theory of planned behaviour
63 TRA Theory of reasoned action
64 UR Unconditioned response
65 US Unconditional stimulus
66 WHO World Health Organization
67 WRAP Women, Risk and AIDS Project

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