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Tuberculosis or consumption is one of the foremost fearsome diseases. it’s significant ill health in Asian countries and sometimes rated the quantity one killer. Over 5 hundred thousand individuals die of this malady per annum.

TB is caused by a little germ known as mycobacterium which is thus small that it is often detected solely by a magnifier. The germ enters the body through the nose, mouth, and cartilaginous tube and settles down within the lungs. It multiplies by millions and produces tiny raised spots known as tubercles. TB isn’t hereditary however Associate in Nursing infectious disease.

Those littered with the malady for a substantial time eject living germs while coughing or projection and once these enter the nose or mouth of healthy persons, they contract the malady. Mouth respiratory and arousal yet as contaminated food and water also are chargeable for spreading TB.


Tuberculosis is of 4 sorts, specifically of lungs, intestines, bones, and glands. {pulmonary TB |consumption |phthisis| wasting disease |white plague |tuberculosis |TB|T.B.} or TB of the respiratory organ is out and away the foremost common kind of tuberculosis.

It tends to consume the body and therefore the patient loses strength, color, and weight. different symptoms square measure a raise in temperature particularly in the evening, a persistent cough and roughness, issue in respiratory, pain within the shoulders, symptom, chest pain, and blood within the mucous secretion.


Lowered resistance or devitalization of the system is the chief explanation for this malady. This condition is led to in the main by mineral starvation of the tissues of the body because of Associate in Nursing inadequate diet, and therefore the chief mineral involved is atomic number 20. In some ways, thus TB is the disease of atomic number 20 deficiency.

There is often no breakdown of the tissue and no TB growth wherever there’s an adequate offer of organic atomic number 20 within the aforementioned tissue.

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Thus, an Associate in Nursing adequate offer of organic atomic number 20 within the system besides organic mineral matter could be a certain preventive of the event of TB. lowered resistance conjointly results from a range of different factors like suppression of the malady by medication and drugs, use of stale, debituminized and acid-forming foods, consumption wrong combination of food, like taking fruits with starchy foods at one meal, inflicting fermentation the stomach; wasting of energy through excessive loss of cum and living in ill-ventilated homes.

Different causes embrace exposure to cold, loss of sleep, impure air, an inactive life, overwork, contra-minted milk, use of tobacco of any kind, liquor of every kind, tea, low and every one harmful drinks. The factors prepare the bottom for the expansion of germs of assorted kinds, as well as Mycobacterium. These germs are also gifted within the body however square measure quite harmless for those that square measure jam-packed with vitality and natural resistance.


Tuberculosis is no longer thought-about incurable if it’s tackled within the early stages. Associate in Nursing well-rounded theme of dietary and vitality building program on natural lines is that the sole technique to beat the malady.

As a primary step, the patient ought to be placed on an Associate in Nursing exclusive recent fruit diet for 3 or four days. He ought to have 3 meals each day of recent, juicy fruits, like apples, grapes, pears, peaches, oranges, pineapple, melon, or other juicy fruit in season. Bananas, dried or preserved fruits shouldn’t be taken. For drinks, sugarless lemon water or plain water either hot or cold is also taken.

If losing much weight on the all-fruit diet, those already scrawny could add a glass of milk to every fruit meal. when an all-fruit diet, the patient ought to adopt a fruit and milk diet. For this diet, the meals square measure precisely the same because of the all-fruit diet, however with a milk side to every fruit meal.

The patient could begin with a metric capacity unit of milk the primary day and increase by a quarter metric capacity unit daily up to 2 to 2 and a 0.5 TB liters in step with however the milk agrees. The milk ought to be recent and unboiled, however, is also slightly warm if desired. It ought to be sipped slowly. The fruit and milk diet ought to be continued for four to 6 weeks. Thereafter, the subsequent dietary is also adopted:

  • Breakfast: recent fruits, as available, and milk. Prunes or different dried fruits may be taken, if desired.
  • Lunch: Steamed vegetables as offered, one or 2 whole wheat chapatis, and a glass of milk.
  • Dinner: A bowl of the raw dish of appropriate vegetables with wholewheat bread and butter. poached fruit or roast apple is also taken for afters.
  • At bedtime: A glass of milk. The chief therapeutic agent required for the treatment of TB is atomic number 20. Milk, being the richest food supply for the availability of organic atomic number 20 to the body, ought to be taken generously.

Tuberculosis Diet Chart Treatment Healthhyme

In the dietary made public higher than a minimum of one metric capacity unit of milk ought to be taken daily. any periods on the exclusive fruit diet followed by the fruit and milk diet ought to be adopted at intervals of 2 or 3 months looking at the progress. throughout the primary few days of the treatment, the bowels ought to be cleaned daily with warm-water irrigation and later on as necessary.

The patient shooed avoid all devitalized foods like the staff of life, white sugar, refined cereals, puddings and pies, and tinned, canned, and preserved foods. He ought to conjointly avoid sturdy tea, coffee, condiments, pickles, sauces, etc. The dish apple is thought to be an efficient food remedy for TB. it’s aforementioned to contain the qualities of rejuvenating medication.

The Ayurvedic professional prepares a soured liquor known as staphylomata from the dish apple in its season to be used as medication within the treatment of TB. it’s ready by boiling a dish of apple pulp and seeded raisins in water on a slow fireplace. it’s filtered once one-third of the water is left. it’s then mixed with granulated sugar and candy and conjointly the powder of car- demo, cinnamon, and sure different condiments.

Indian gooseberry has been well-tried to be an efficient remedy for TB. A containerful every of recent amla juice and honey mixed along ought to be taken each morning during this condition. Its regular use can promote vigor and vitality within the body at intervals over several days. Regular use of radish is additionally useful.

The patient ought to take the complete remainder of each mind and body. Any kind of stress can stop healing. the recent air is usually necessary for the natural action of the malady and therefore the patient ought to pay most of the time within the exterior and may sleep in an exceedingly well-ventilated space.

Sunshine is additionally essential as tuber bacilli square measure speedily killed by exposure to sun rays. different useful steps towards natural action the malady square measure rejection of strain, slow massage, deep respiratory, and light-weight occupation to make a sure mental diversion.

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Certain water treatments square measure useful in cases of TB. The patient’s very important resistance is often engineered by a rigorously planned graduated cold tub routine doubly each day.

The intensity of the cold applications ought to be bit by bit enlarged to attain satisfactory results. However, care should be taken to stay the patient from catching a chill. a brief hot fomentation with alternate short cold application to the chest and back, an Associate in nursing within the abdomen region, or a neutral immersion tub for an hour simply before retiring in the dark is additionally useful. sure Hinduism practices square measure useful within the treatment of TB in its early stages.

These embrace asanas like viparitakarani, sarvangasana and shavasana and jalneti kriya and anuloma-viloma pranayama.

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